Traffic Citations

Traffic ticket citations carry a fine and points added to your driving record, depending on the severity of an infraction. Your driver’s license can be suspended if you accrue a certain number of points within a specified period of time. The license suspension periods of time are as follows:

  1. 12 points within 12 months- 30 days suspension
  2. 18 points within 18 months- 3 months suspension
  3. 24 points within 36 months- 1 year suspension

There is an automatic driver’s license suspension if you fail to pay your traffic citation. You can avoid points being assessed if you elect the traffic school option. There are three options for traffic school, depending on severity of the infraction and your past driving record.

  1. Basic Driver Improvement Course- needed for most infractions
  2. 3 in 3 Driver Change Course- 3 violations that caused crash within 36 months
  3. Advanced Driver Improvement Course- needed for suspended licenses by a court order and for non-DUI offenses.

Even though traffic tickets are minor violations, they can have penalties that can prevent you from leading a normal everyday life, such as driving to work, dropping off your kids, or road trips. Mr. Stewart can personally look at your driver’s license record and assess any problems for your driver’s license suspension. He can appear on your behalf in court and fight those traffic citations so that you do not have any points assessed against your driving record. If you have a traffic citation, please contact Stewart Law Firm today for your free consultation.

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