Debbie Tuggle

Debbie Tuggle


Debbie Tuggle became a member of Stewart Law Firm in 2018.  Originally from Crestview, Debbie's roots in the community run deep. After completing her degree in Sociology at Florida State University, she embarked on a remarkable journey that shaped her expertise and dedication to serving others.

Initially, Debbie's career path led her to work for a Medicaid claims processing contractor, where she rapidly ascended the corporate ladder. Her exceptional skills and work ethic propelled her to the esteemed position of Medicaid Controller for the State of Indiana during Governor Mitch Daniels' tenure. However, Debbie eventually felt called to return to her hometown.

In her quest to give back, Debbie decided to impart her knowledge and passion for learning by teaching math and science at Davidson Middle School. Her commitment to education and her genuine care for her students left an indelible mark on their lives. It was during this time that fate intertwined her journey with that of Brad Stewart, a long-time friend, and former classmate.

Recognizing the valuable skill set and deep understanding Debbie possessed in matters of estate planning and probate, Brad offered her a part-time position at Stewart Law Firm. Debbie's professionalism, expertise, and strong work ethic soon made her an indispensable asset to the firm. Today, she serves as a paralegal, guiding individuals and families through the intricate processes of estate planning, probate administration, wills, and deeds. Her unwavering commitment to ensuring seamless transitions during challenging times allows families to find reassurance and peace of mind after the passing of a loved one.

Debbie’s compassionate nature and dedication to her community make her an invaluable resource at Stewart Law Firm, as she helps families navigate the complexities of estate planning and probate with expertise and care.

Florida Trend's Legal Elite 2012 Avvo Rating 8.8 Excellent - Feature Attorney, DUI & DWI