If you have an outstanding warrant, you can get arrested at any point in time. Instances like this are extremely time sensitive and need attention right away. The circumstances surrounding the nature of the warrant depend on whether it’s a bench warrant, an arrest warrant, or if an individual is a fugitive. Bench warrants are typically issued for being in contempt of the court or for a failure to appear to a court date. Arrest warrants are issued if there is a probable cause for a criminal charge. Fugitive warrants have similar circumstances as the arrest warrant.

There are several options to handle a warrant. A warrant can be dismissed entirely, or an attorney can appear on your behalf at the first appearance and ensure that you are entitled to a bond. Mr. Stewart can defend your rights and in a timely manner contact the State Attorney’s Office or the arresting agency, negotiate the bond amount, or determine if there is sufficient evidence for a probable cause to issue the warrant in the first place. It is extremely important that you seek advice of an experience criminal defense attorney in a timely manner. Our staff is available 24/7 to assist you in this type of matter. Contact our office at 850-689-4529 if you have a warrant out for your arrest.

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