Traffic violations are either classified as moving violations or criminal violations. Moving violations are non-dangerous infractions that can result in a fine, points on the driver’s record, or suspension, depending on previous violations. Examples of a moving violation are running a red light or a stop sign, speeding, or careless driving.

Criminal violations include a threat of causing injury to another person or property or actually causing injury or damage. Criminal violations can be either a misdemeanor or a felony with penalties ranging from hefty fines, community service work, license suspension, to possible jail time. Examples of criminal violations are reckless driving, driving with a suspended license, DUI, and etc…

If you have been charged with a criminal traffic violation, you need to contact an experience attorney as soon as possible. Criminal violations don’t only tarnish your driving record, but they can also stay on your criminal record. In addition, if a charge is a felony, the penalties are more severe. Contact Stewart Law Firm today for your free consultation.

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