Driving with Suspended Driver's License

If you do not have a forcible felony and your license is suspended or revoked due to the following:

  1. Failure to maintain auto insurance;
  2. Failure to pay traffic ticket;
  3. Failure to pay child support;
  4. Failure to appear in court for a traffic ticket;
  5. Failure to complete driving school;
  6. Failure to pay financial obligations;
  7. Failure of a minor to attend school;
  8. Failure to render aid at an accident;
  9. Reckless driving (3 times within 12 months);
  10. Use of vehicle in prostitution;
  11. Possession of Controlled Substance;
  12. Theft and shoplifting;
  13. Theft of gasoline;
  14. Graffiti;
  15. Habitual Traffic Offender;

then you may face the following charges:

  1. Driving with a License Suspended or Revoked First Offense- second degree misdemeanor;
  2. Driving with a License Suspended or Revoked Second Offense- first degree misdemeanor;
  3. Driving with a License Suspended or Revoked Third or Subsequent Offense- third degree felony.

If you are a first offender and had no knowledge that your driver’s license was suspended, then the driving with a suspended license is an infraction. However, if the element of knowledge can by proved by showing that an offender was previously cited, an offender received a notice, or an offender admitted to knowing about the suspension, then the charge becomes criminal in nature.

An offender holding a commercial driver’s license (CDL), driving with a suspended license for the first offense is a first degree misdemeanor and the second offense is a third degree felony.

After the period of suspension or revocation has expired, you can apply for a reinstatement by paying any necessary fees to Florida DHSMV. In the mean time, you may eligible for a hardship license to allow you to drive for work purposes and any necessities.  After a DUI, you have 10 days to request such a license by waiving the formal review by the Bureau of Reviews in Pensacola, Florida. If you pass the deadline, then you can apply for a formal review by contacting Bureau of Reviews directly. You may also qualify for a hardship license if the judge approves it as a condition at your sentencing.

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