Power of Attorney

The Power of Attorney in the State of Florida can delegates authority to a personal representative from the maker. The make, or the principal, allows a personal representative, or the agent, to act on behalf of the principal in matters such as access bank accounts, signing a contract, making health care decisions, handling financial transactions, or signing legal documents for the principal.

An agent can only within the scope of the Power of Attorney and must do so reasonable. There three types of Power of Attorney available in the State of Florida. A Limited Power of Attorney gives the agent authority to conduct only specific acts. A General Power of Attorney gives the agent broader powers to act on behalf of the principal. Finally, a Durable Power of Attorney is designed to continue to be effective beyond the point when the principal becomes incapacitated.

It is important to contact an experience attorney to inform you of the effects of a Power of Attorney.

You may consult the Florida Bar Website for further information.

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