Auto Theft

Florida Statutes Section 812.014 states that a person who knowingly and unlawfully takes or uses another person’s vehicle with intent to deprive the rightful owner of the vehicle, either temporary or permanently, is guilty of a felony. Florida Statutes Section 812.52 defines carjacking as temporary or permanent intentional taking of a vehicle through the use of force, violence, assault, or threats. If the theft of a vehicle involves a firearm, an individual could be facing a life sentence in prison. Florida Statutes Section 812.133 define failure to return a rental vehicle as keeping a vehicle after the rental period has expired without consent of rental company or obtaining a vehicle by fraud or deceit from a rental company. The degree of the felony depends on the value of the vehicle, similar to the charge of grand theft.

Grand Theft Auto is a serious charge. If you are being accused of a Grand Theft Auto, there could be a defense available such as consent from the owner or mistake of fact. Contact Stewart Law Firm today for you free consultation.

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